Feed It Comics 65 Beyonder

Episode 65 | Beyond the Beyonder

Dewayne Feenstra joins Doc for a solid discussion that spans Marvel’s return to Secret Wars and a whole bunch of tasty comic book related news. This is the episode that should have been but never was but now is. They go beyond the call of duty. Beyond the average comic book podcast pundit talking points. Beyond awesome.

To submit fanquisition topics for our weekly panel to address, submit via twitter with #fanquisition or email feeditcomics@gmail.com.

To submit fanquisition topics for our weekly panel to address, submit via twitter with #fanquisition or email feeditcomics@gmail.com.

Feed It Comics 64 Devil's Chest Hair

Episode 64 | The Devil’s Chest Hair

What a revolting development. Not the Daredevil Network series trailer, no, that was bad ass. The loss of an episode with Dewayne Feenstra hit us hard. Knocked us out of the game for a whole week. Who suffers? The fans. The fans suffer.

Doc and Shepherd are back with a whole new combination of sentences that are often regarding something that has to do with comic books; which is good because the master is doubly hungry and needs 4 new books to ingest. After fawning over the Daredevil trailer and other news, your hosts conduct the first proper Fanquisition segment, and proceed to place a few comics on the alter.

Feed It Comics 63: There Goes the Universe

Episode 63 | There Goes The Universe…

Marvel announced big changes come the Secret Wars this summer, and so naturally Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd are going to talk about it.

Doc also proposes some new regular segment ideas and there is certainly other comic related news to get into, and if you are REALLY lucky, Doc will present a rap song he did in 2010! So hop on board this crazy train and hold on tight.

Feed It Comics #62 - Hear Ye Hear Ye

Episode 62 | Hear Ye, Hear Ye (Image Expo 2015)

Image Expo 2015 announcements bro! Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd go down the list of upcoming Image books and give their knee-jerk reactions during the news segment.

If you stay tuned from there, Doc reviews the first 3 episodes of Agent Carter before both hosts review three comics: Marvel’s new Star Wars #1, Ant-Man #1, and Wicked and Divine #6 (for some reason, its not like they don’t already love that book). Thanks for listening!

Feed It Comics 61 Ants All Up In The Pants

Episode 61 | Ants All Up In The Pants

Greetings loyal cult members! This year Feed It Comics is really looking to step it up. 61 episodes is no small feat, and while the show is done mainly in servitude to the old one, he who cannot be named, its also all about you guys, the fans! So thanks for a great year and another one is about to be initiated.

This episode Doc and Shepherd are joined by Canadian RWG correspondent from Stuff Like That Podcast Mr. Pawz Man! After Doc makes everybody jealous by talking about the upcoming Wizard Con in Portland Oregon, the gang talks news items and an awful lot about a character called Ant-Man! Thanks for listening!

Feed It Comics 59 Bitches and Clones

Episode 59 | Bitches and Clones

Welp, Professor Ryefleur was supposed to be on but something horrible happened, so you only get the usual hosts Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd. For most of you, that’s enough, but surely a couple of you are huge fans of the Professor and to you the administration apologizes for his untimely absence.

This episode you will be met with reviews of Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine De Landro (published by Image comics) and Eternal by William Harms and Giovanni Valetta (published by Boom), after certain news items such as Scott Snyder teaming up with cranky old Frank Miller for another Dark Knight sequel, the names of our new Star Wars characters and plans for Marvel books as they hit a landmark 75 years in the business!

Feed It Comics Episode 58 Better Late Than Never

Episode 58 | Better Late Than Never

They’re back! Its been a bit of a hiatus; life has a way of grabbing you by the neck flesh and throwing you up against a brick wall then dragging you through a thorny patch of brambles and then slicing off your appendages with a light saber.

This episode Doc and Shepherd catch up on all the recent news and discuss the fantastic new Star Wars trailer before launching into the drawing for the winner of the current comics giveaway. Sorry, you have to listen to find out who it is! Join us for an hour of wit and wisdom and as always thank’s for listening.

Feed It Comics #57 The Plot Sickens

Episode 57 | The Plot Sickens

Great googly moogly! On today’s episode of Feed It Comics, the ubiquitous Professor Ryefleur joins Doc Fluxx for a fireside chat about some comic book related news issues and then get to reviewing Toe Tag #1, Intersect #1, and Sinergy #1. 3 very current #1’s!!

There are some hijinx and shenanigans and a painful focus on the new Fantastic Four reboot, as Doc reads aloud verbatim the plot of entire movie and boy oh boy it sounds dreadful. Thanks for listening!