Feed It Comics Episode 50

Episode 50 | Yes, Episode 50

Yes, episode 50. That’s pretty damned impressive now isn’t it? 50 episodes ago Feed It Comics was just another comic book podcast. 20 episodes after that, it was still just another comic book podcast, except people began to notice. Now, there is no turning back. The cult is strong. The master’s influence is spreading. All is going according to plan…

Join Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd as they trudge through the news, with items including Zack Snyder’s lame sense of humor, Marvel’s foray into Star Wars, blah blah blah, then they launch into a lengthy Fanterrogation, then proceed to polish things off with some offerings to the master.

Feed It Comics 49

Episode 49 | The Band Back Together

Professor Ryefleur, Father Shepherd and Doc Fluxx are back together again for the first time since… since… it’s been a while! Doc continues to tweak the show format as Feed It Comics approaches the hallmark 50th episode!

This time around we talk about the Vision’s sweet look for Avengers 2, Gotham and Constantine, Brian Wood getting jacked, Wytches, a possible Dredd Sequel in the works, and then we begin a new segment, Fanterrogation; where listeners answer our question of the week. All that and more, so why the hell haven’t you pressed play yet?

Episode 48 | Happy Jagged 37th Mr. F

Episode 48 | Happy Jagged 37th Mr. F

A big blowout bonanza is what this is! Juan Daeho from Super Podcasto Magnifico honors Doc and Shepherd with his presence, because he wasn’t about to miss out celebrating – on air – Doc’s 37th birthday!!

This terrific trio reviews Harley Quinn #10, Amazing Spider-Man #1.4, and Grendel vs The Shadow Book 1! News items include Captain Citrus, Doctor Doom’s trashy costume for the much dreaded Fantastic Four movie being leaked, the alleged return of Patrick Warburton as the Tick, Joaquin Phoenix in final talks with Marvel to play Doctor Strange, Hayao Miyazaki to be honored with a lifetime achievement award, and Warner Brothers vow to never tell a joke!

Episode 47 - Posers

Episode 47 | Posers

Doc is joined by the quietly ubiquitous Professor Ryefleur, who diverts his attention away from RhymesWithGeek.com just long enough to have a fruitful conversation about recent headlines, and even helps review some comics!

We talk Doctor Who, Milo Manara’s “Spider-Woman” #1 variant cover drawing some criticism for being too sexy, Alan Moore’s video game and energy drink, and Frank Miller’s disdain for all screen versions of Batman. THEN we review “The Fade Out” #1 by image comics, “Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland” By IDW, and Dark Horse’s new Tim Seeley joint, “Sundowners #1″. Thanks for tuning in!

Feed It Comics Episode 45

Episode 45 | Couple Of Town Criers

Alright so you might notice that the audio isn’t perfect this time around, that’s because recording on Skype produces less than desirable results, but YOU are going to listen anyhow because Mario has returned to fill in for the beleaguered Father Shepherd. One doesn’t simply not listen to an episode that Mario is on.

We talk Warner Bros. move announcements, TMNT making enough money to warrant a stupid sequel, Golden age toys, Free Art Project, then we answer listener questions. Also, I interview Peter Smith; creator of the upcoming IndieGoGo crowd-funded web series Batman: The Shadow War!

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Episode 44 | Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Its that simple really. Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd review Guardians of the Galaxy, then answer a handful of listener questions. That’s it. That is all that need be done this time around. So go ahead and strap in, zip up, materialize a breathing apparatus and paint yourselves green because Marvel Cosmic has arrived on the big screen, and Feed It Comics is about to tell you how (insert adjective) it was.

Thanks as always for listening, and may the master never go hungry!

Feed It Comics San Diego Comicon 2014

Episode 43 | Coverage?

San Diego Comicon happened again! Far be it from Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd to avoid providing a bit of post-exhibition in a such a way that only Feed It Comics could deliver. So listen, we weren’t there, we watched all this crap unfold on the internet like most gentlenerds, so don’t expect anything exclusive.

We also review a few titles! From Image, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Wicked and Divine (1 & 2), DC’s spanking new Star-Spangled War Stories by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, and Marvel’s debut of a new solo title for Storm by Greg Pak!

feed it comics 42

Episode 42 | Ch-ch-ch-Changes

Father Shepherd insists that he is back in full effect, so let’s do this! By “this” I mean of course the friggin’ podcast! Look at the hot steaming pile of items we have to jabber about! Alright enough exclamations… AUTO-BOTS ROLL OUT!

Jason Aaron performs gender surgery on Thor, Steve Rogers becomes a gross living corpse leaving Sam Wilson to the Falcon take over, and there is something about Alan Moore being grumpy. Join us as we try to catch up on the news on the fly. Oh and one more thing, we announce the winner of this months comics giveaway!

kitty pryde

FIC Presents: Kitty Pryde’s Playlist

Seeing as Shepherd is absent for the second show in a row and Doc never booked a guest, he decided to do something a bit different.

Did you ever imagine what kind of music your favorite comic book characters would listen to if they were alive and well here on Earth Prime aka reality? Well Doc wonders such things because he is a freaking weirdo with way too much time on his hands.

Join DJ Doctor Fluxx as he tries imagines the musical preferences of one Katherine Pryde aka Shadowcat from the X-Men, who he presumes has similar tastes to his own in many respects. Take a listen, and if you enjoy this particular format let us know and he will do more!