Episode 73 | Grumpman v Grouchypuss: Night of Misery

Episode 73 | Grumpman v Grouchypuss: Night of Misery

Hello! Let’s get miserable people! The new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Needlessly Convoluted Movie Titles has dropped and your happy-go-angry hosts Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd are on the case! There happens to be a new Fantastic Four and Star Wars trailers among some comic industry tidbits.

There are also a handful of new comics that may please the master’s discerning pallet and a final spoiler infused chat about Daredevil. Sound great? Great. Turn that frown upside down and break free from the darkness!

Feed It Comics - Episode 72 - Daredevil REview

Episode 72 | The Fever for the Flavor of a Devil

Welcome back! Apologies for the late episode; though it was recorded on Sunday, life had Doc in a head lock for a few days and it was difficult to get any editing done. Rest assured it is at least partially worth the wait.

Doc and Father Shepherd are chomping at the bit to review Netflix’s Daredevil series for you guys as they have both seen at least half of the episodes, so this time around you get a brief spoiler-free review after some news segments. Next week, they will spoil the HELL out of it, so make sure you watch it all! You’ve been given fair warning.

FIC 71

Episode 71 | Mispronouncing Capullo

Doc and Shepherd are rather disappointed in the slow news week, but they make due with reading something Rob Liefeld wrote and a couple other non-issues. Also, after another session of “What Is It”, they entertain fan questions.

Most surprising would be that this time around your faithful hosts review not one, not two, but THREE DC comics, including Convergence #1, Batman/Superman Annual #2 and Batman & Robin Annual #3. Good times. The master may not be pleased by this, but you guys certainly will….

Feed IT Comics #70

Episode 70 | Within Sniffing Distance

Oh boy oh boy! Feed It Comics turns 70, and Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd breath new life into the show with a brand new segment, and a few new comics for the master’s ever expanding menu.

They also talk Ryan Renolds new Deadpool duds, Lex “Eisenberg” Luthor, a couple Emerald City Comicon announcements, Hugh Jackman’s not-so-cryptic instagram, and more! Here is another great jumping on point for new listeners so give it a go! The world depends on it.

Feed It Comics Roche Limit Interview

Episode 69 | Never Sexier (Plus Interview w/Michael Moreci)

Ten days since the previous episode, this episode was forged. It is the long awaited 69th episode, which really isn’t as significant for its sexual connotation as it is for how Doc Fluxx interviews the writer of the excellent Image comic Roche limit, Michael Moreci!! That means the winner of our monthly comic giveaway has been selected!

If that wasn’t enough, friend of the show Juan Daeho from Super Podcasto Magnifico drops by for a discussion about recent news and events, in fact he and Doc sneak in a review of the new CW series iZombie. How about that??? I think its time to stop reading the show notes and tune in right now…

Feed It Comics #68

Episode 68 | The Episode Before Episode 69

Recorded here was the final Fanquisition before next week’s drawing to determine the winner of many splendorous comics. Doc and Shepherd skim a couple news items but honestly there was not much going on these past couple of weeks, which is perfectly fine because Doc has been under the weather.

Tune into this mild mannered episode of Feed It Comics where we discuss the sad passing of sir Terry Pratchett, Superman and Wonder Woman’s new look, Mark Hamill returning as the Trickster, some new Daredevil casting, and yadda yadda yadda…

RIP Terry Pratchett.

Feed It Comics #67

Episode 67 | Grown Ass Men

Its another meeting of the minds! Juan Daeho of Super Podcasto Magnifico joins Doc Fluxx for a news-heavy episode of Feed It Comics to talk about all the stuff that barely interests him.

That’s right, fat was plenty chewed regarding everything from long forgotten superhero television shows, Batman themed hotels in Thailand, Aliens, Mark Millar, Valiant card games, Neil Gaiman trying his hand at comedy, Power Rangers, Superboy, Spider-Gwen sales and MORE!

RIP Leonard Nimoy.

Feed It Comics 65 Beyonder

Episode 65 | Beyond the Beyonder

Dewayne Feenstra joins Doc for a solid discussion that spans Marvel’s return to Secret Wars and a whole bunch of tasty comic book related news. This is the episode that should have been but never was but now is. They go beyond the call of duty. Beyond the average comic book podcast pundit talking points. Beyond awesome.

To submit fanquisition topics for our weekly panel to address, submit via twitter with #fanquisition or email feeditcomics@gmail.com.

To submit fanquisition topics for our weekly panel to address, submit via twitter with #fanquisition or email feeditcomics@gmail.com.

Feed It Comics 64 Devil's Chest Hair

Episode 64 | The Devil’s Chest Hair

What a revolting development. Not the Daredevil Network series trailer, no, that was bad ass. The loss of an episode with Dewayne Feenstra hit us hard. Knocked us out of the game for a whole week. Who suffers? The fans. The fans suffer.

Doc and Shepherd are back with a whole new combination of sentences that are often regarding something that has to do with comic books; which is good because the master is doubly hungry and needs 4 new books to ingest. After fawning over the Daredevil trailer and other news, your hosts conduct the first proper Fanquisition segment, and proceed to place a few comics on the alter.