ep-15-The Inquisition of Johnny Content

Episode 15 – “The Inquisition of Johnny Content”

The Order of Caretakers  is represented solely by Doc Fluxx this time around, who transforms briefly into ARCH BISHOP FLUXX so that he may carry out the first of what will be many “Inquisitions”, this time putting the steamy pressure on John from the Burnt Weiners podcast.

After an intense series of questions we will settle into some comic talk and because Doc Fluxx can’t seem to go one show without hitting the bottle, there is a bunch of giggly nonsense to lighten up what is ultimately very dark, dark, dark, oh so very dark content. As always, thanks for listening! Oh, and listen to Burnt Weiners while you still can!!

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Topics we cover:

  • Daredevil Ends
  • The Inquisition of Johnny Content
  • Pretty Deadly #1
  • Brain Boy #2
  • Samurai Jack
  • Pathfinder
  • The future
  • Burnt Weiners ending??

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Music by Doc Fluxx, AFX, FEZ Soundtrack (Buy and make Phil Fish crack a smile for once), The Secret of Kells soundtrack, and a bunch of Free Use crap.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 15 – “The Inquisition of Johnny Content”

  1. Good job guys! Damn im super excited for the new Silver Surfur series! I hope they draw a mustache on him. Ive never played Pathfinder, but ibr heard good things. I think i will pick up Kelly Sues new book. And once again i miss Brother Shepard.

    • D’aww. I saw this a bit too late. Thanks! Wish I could make it more regularly, but it’ll be kinda random until July. The Doc and RyeFleur are so good, though, and man I miss them when I listen to the show. It’s really fun to do, and I hope it shows (The Doc kills it, right?).

  2. I am very excited to listen to this episode and hear your opinions on Pretty Deadly! And thank you very much, Harley: will return this week if I can, as I’m almost done with exams!

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