Docs Diagnosis - DRUNK

Doc’s Diagnosis – “Drunk as Funk w/Doc and Ian!!”


Doc joins Ian from the Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast, liquor did floweth, as did a long long long conversation about comic books.

I (Doc) did not even bother editing this, so please keep in mind that this may very well be a disaster. I know for a fact I get really long winded when I’m this toasted. However, like any good disaster, like a train wreck per say, it may demand your attention – it may even succeed in KEEPING your attention until long after the ambulances and other rescue vehicles have come and gone, and statements were given to the police.


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Topics we cover:

  • What Am I Eating?
  • Boos
  • Infinity
  • All Praise Hickman
  • Comics
  • More comics
  • Drinking
  • More Drinking
  • More Comics
  • Where am I?












Music by Doc Fluxx, MF DOOM and Adam Warrock (with the new RWG theme yo!)

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4 thoughts on “Doc’s Diagnosis – “Drunk as Funk w/Doc and Ian!!”

  1. According to Drinkify (, I need 3 bottles of Fortified Wine and a packet of Wine Gums to listen to this specific show. Gonna go to the corner store and buy that, and I’ll be right back.

  2. I could have gutted this show and made it about an hour and a half long… but you know what? I enjoyed my drunken conversation with Ian. I put up enough disclaimers about what kind of show this is.

  3. I really enjoyed it! It was exactly what i love in a comics podcast, just a couple of guys talking in depth about their favorite comics with no real structure or agenda. I did miss Brother Shepard tho :(. Doc Flux u are right, in a town like Portland being constantly surounded by geek culture it is indeed hard to find a like minded individual to to just talk comics, cartoons, movies ect.. without feeling your getting condecended to for being a geek. Does that sound as good as it did in my head? P.S. Ninja Scroll is the SHIT!

    • That sounded wonderful, actually. The Doc has a good point, and I wish I lived in Portland permanently so we could hang out more often (fingers crossed, I might be returning for my Medical Residency!), as it’s truly hard to find like-minded individuals where I am. Portland IS a mecca for geek culture, and it’s really an amazing place, but that can also be isolating in a way, because there is a deal of pretension with it all. I’m lucky to have met the Doc and Oberts, who enjoy comics in an open, appreciative way, so for me it’s been great to have this podcast to share our views and just have a conversation about what we love. It’s done with little to no pretension, at least on my part (except when I want to tease the Doc), and it gives me a break from the rest of the world: it IS our passion, after all, and I hope it shows. It also gives us the opportunity to find other people who enjoy the medium like we do, as these crossovers as of late show. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to us and give us feedback.

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